Advantages of Physiotherapy after a Stroke

Posted on: 16 December 2015

Physiotherapy after a stroke is an important part of the rehabilitation process. While the research into the field is still progressing, medical professionals recommend at least 5 days a week of physiotherapy following a stroke for the best chance of recovering function and independence. Here are some other reasons to keep your physiotherapy appointments.

Regain independence

For many stroke patients it is important to get back home and regain some independence. Even if you are still weak, physiotherapy can help to find assistive devices that can help you move around, such as walkers and crutches. Equally, keeping up with physiotherapy can help you get back into physical activity, like dance classes or walking groups. For many people the loss of these social activities can be isolating and cause a downturn in mental as well as physical health after a stroke.

Reduce the possibility of other accidents

After a stroke, many people struggle with balance, and this can lead to associate issues such as slips and falls. Also, balance concerns can make people reluctant to get out of the house and move around, and this can also lead to isolation and declines in mental health. Physiotherapy can help you to balance more confidently and maintain a normal exercise routine. Exercise can help you to maintain a steadier mood and help your overall health and well being in general, so it will be especially important after a stroke.

Minimize pain and discomfort

For stroke patients who have restricted movement in parts of their body, this can often lead to stiffness and discomfort in the areas that are not being used normally. This can also lead difficulty in sleeping as well as general discomfort. Physiotherapy can help to massage and mobilise the joints that are not being used as much in order to reduce pain. Equally, having physiotherapy can teach you some exercises to help you to stretch and load these joints at home to increase the function of your muscles over time.

After you have had a stroke, your hospital can put you in contact with a physiotherapist who can help you to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. You will gain the majority of your improvements in the first six months after your stroke, so it's important to keep to the program set by the physiotherapist and ensure that your recovery has the maximum chance of success.