What You Need to Know About Natural Pain Relief Remedies

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Based on various factors like cultural and religious beliefs and unique health conditions that make it unsafe for you to take some modern medicine, it is understandable why some individuals might opt for natural pain relief remedies. It may also be that you have used modern medicine to relieve your pain with no success. Here's what you need to know.


There is a reason why a doctor prescribes modern medication when you visit a hospital or clinic for treatment. Before a particular drug is manufactured for sale, it must undergo testing. This is done by licensed and registered specialists, for example, scientists. The drug administration body, in this case, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), must also authorise or approve its distribution, a sign that it is fit for human consumption.

When it comes to natural pain relief remedies, plenty of research has not been done. That is why you might be cautioned against consuming herbs before getting an okay from your doctor. However, this does not mean that some studies have not been conducted on various natural medicinal cocktails, herbs or treatment methods.

Examples of Natural Pain Relief Methods

Heat and Ice

The application of heat or ice to impact injuries or strains is commonly known to alleviate pain and swelling. Most people know about this method but might be using it the wrong way. A doctor is the best person to show you how to use the heat and ice method, but it is important to mention that icing might help ease swelling and pain while heat reduces stiffness. 


This is a Chinese treatment method that has worked for various people suffering from different ailments. It utilises the concept of energy (qi/chi) and how it flows through your body. Acupuncture in pain relief treatment aims to stimulate your body to produce the chemical serotonin; it makes you feel good. Tiny needles are placed on various points on your skin to facilitate this.

Always visit a licensed and registered acupuncturist for acupuncture services. Many things can go wrong if you are in the hands of a novice. Registration must be done under the Chinese Medical Board of Australia.

White Willow Bark

This bark is referred to as nature's aspirin; consult your doctor before using it. It has been used to alleviate headaches, osteoarthritis and back pain because it contains a chemical referred to as salicin, similarly found in aspirin. Traditionally, the bark itself was chewed; today, you can find dried barks used for tea. You may also come across capsules or liquid supplements.

For more information about pain relief treatment options, talk to your doctor.